Score them on a scale of 1-5.  
1=Strongly Disagree    
5=Strongly Agree    
1 __________________ accept my role in spelling out the clear benefits of our team's vision.
2 __________________ am typically able to see the whole picture.
3 __________________ anticipate problems before they arise.
4 __________________ appreciate that everyone on my team wants to feel worthwhile.
5 __________________ ask team members how they prefer to work and be recognized.
6 __________________ aspire to grasp the psychological impact that proposed changes will have on my team.
7 __________________ assess which individuals on my team have leadership potential.
8 __________________ assist teammates by helping to provide clearly defined roles.
9 __________________ assume personal responsibility for my growth.
10 __________________ attempt to understand the people before I can lead them.
11 __________________ authorize followers to take on roles of leadership.
12 __________________ avoid changing my mind once a solid decision is made.
13 __________________ believe that the "means" is more important than the "ends" when I make a decision.
14 __________________ calmly live with creative tension.
15 __________________ celebrate when people on my team succeed.
16 __________________ choose to build people instead of focusing on building my dream.
17 __________________ communicate to people the value they hold.
18 __________________ competently make wise, timely decisions.
19 __________________ consider the best choice for my followers before I consider what is best for me.
20 __________________ constantly seek to improve my team.
21 __________________ contribute to the lives of others.
22 __________________ count the cost before making commitments for myself or my team.
23 __________________ dedicate myself to being a life long learner.
24 __________________ define my leadership by getting followers.
25 __________________ demonstrate intuition regarding the situation I am in.
26 __________________ determine what motivates and demotivates my team members.
27 __________________ develop the strengths of my team in particular issues.
28 __________________ devote time in enlisting and training people.
29 __________________ discover the key to working with each member of my team.
30 __________________ discuss mutual expectations with team members.
31 __________________ distinguish the difference between a task problem and a people problem.
32 __________________ eagerly sacrifice so others can succeed.
33 __________________ emphasize relationships.
34 __________________ empower people to lead by providing a sense of security.
35 __________________ energize people around my by offering support, inspiration, and motivation.
36 __________________ enriching the lives of others.
37 __________________ exhibit a willingness to take risks to promote positive change.
38 __________________ find greatness in the group.
39 __________________ focus on team member's strengths, not their weaknesses.
40 __________________ get up quickly when I am knocked down.
41 __________________ give up my rights for the good of my team.
42 __________________ guide my team with transperancy and vulnerability.
43 __________________ have a detailed plan for the changes that need to be made in my organization.
44 __________________ honor people by recognizing them for who they are and what they achieve.
45 __________________ identify the differences between constructive and destructive criticism.
46 __________________ initiate the contact with others when a problem arises.
47 __________________ instill in my team a sense of purpose bigger than any achieved by any individual.
48 __________________ invest my time in those things that produce the greatest return.
49 __________________ know that my leader grows as I invest in.
50 __________________ lead from my passion.
51 __________________ lift up people on my team with my words.
52 __________________ listen to people with an open mind.
53 __________________ live consistently whether or not anyone is watching me.
54 __________________ look out for the best interests of those I lead.
55 __________________ maintain a mindset of willingness and innnovation towards change.
56 __________________ make every effort to understand the needs of teammates.
57 __________________ manage my time by managing myself.
58 __________________ master technology to maximize effectiveness.
59 __________________ mentor others by reinforcing the vision of our organization.
60 __________________ pay attention to what others have to say.
61 __________________ perservere even when the odds are long.
62 __________________ place a high value in the people I lead.
63 __________________ plan for growing in my personal discipline.
64 __________________ practice integrity in every interaction.
65 __________________ prefer connecting with people over staying on my agenda.
66 __________________ proactively provide leadership to my team.
67 __________________ provide guidance where each individual needs it.
68 __________________ pursue humility.
69 __________________ put aside presumption when I listen to people.
70 __________________ qualify people for leadership by providing enthusiastic training.
71 __________________ quickly move to a solution when a crisis develops.
72 __________________ read broadly and consistenly.
73 __________________ realize that people want to be appreciated not impressed.
74 __________________ recognize that vision "leaks" and reinforce our vision often.
75 __________________ regularly evaluate my comittments.
76 __________________ remain calm, cool, and collected in times of stress.
77 __________________ reveal a sense of security by drawing similar and complimentary followers.
78 __________________ review with teammates what decisions they can make and who they are responsible to.
79 __________________ sacrifice to help our team reach its goals.
80 __________________ schedule time to really interact with people on my team.
81 __________________ search for and accept advice.
82 __________________ see a problem before it becomes an emergency.
83 __________________ seek the respect of those I lead.
84 __________________ serve others.  
85 __________________ show patience in my interaction with those I lead.
86 __________________ stay focused in the middle of a crisis.
87 __________________ strive to offer others ownership of changes before they are made.
88 __________________ support people by giving them authority and freedom to do their job.
89 __________________ take responsibility for the vision casting within my team.
90 __________________ treasure cooperation.
91 __________________ treat my team members as individuals.
92 __________________ trust those who follow me would say my words match my actions.
93 __________________ tune in to the emotions behind people's words.
94 __________________ understand the significance of a constructive spirit of discontent.
95 __________________ use focused concentration to avoid interruptions and diversions.
96 __________________ utilize a clearly defined problem solving process.
97 __________________ validate my convictions by my actions.
98 __________________ value team leadership more than individual leadership.
99 __________________ want to develop leaders who can succeed me.
100 __________________ work within my organization to ensure that we have a common vision for the future.