Dr. Mike Friesz

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As a leader of congregations for thirty five years I have seen God at work in many ways and different settings.  I have worked in churches of various sizes (from very small churches, to larger multi staff churches) and in various settings (urban and rural) around the state of Missouri.

My Passions are clear:


  • Passionate pursuit of discipleship.  I have written and implemented an integrated program for discipling believers of all ages.
  • Discipleship Consultant.  I served as associational Discipleship Director in multiple associations and as a Discipleship Consultatnt for our state convention.


  • Leader of teams and individuals in multiple settings in both business and church-related settings.
  • Directed groups in the process of strategic planning, maintaining fiscal controls, and strategizing for future growth.
  • Invited to serve on a team entrusted with strategic planning for the Midwest area as a bank manager.


  • Teacher at an extension of Midestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Enlisted as trainer of new hires in bank settings.
  • Author and implementer of many types of training materials. 
  • Offerings include training, seminars, research and additional consulting programs.


  • Consultant for groups in Bank of America and Lifeway Christian Stores, as well as various associational and convention roles.
  • Guidance for groups focused on understanding how to use their unique personality profiles to grow their churches and business. 
  • Developed materials to be used in assessing leaders and their characteristics, providing for their continued growth.


Doctor of Ministry

Midwestern Baptist Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri.  Graduated with Highest Honors

Master of Divinity Degree

Midwestern Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Graduated with Honors; Recipient of the award for outstanding evangelism student.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christians Ministries/Evangelism

Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar Missouri

  June 2021  
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